Mohammad Alai Jr

Mohammad Alai Jr, also referred to as Mahomedo Arai Jr., is a captivating character brought to life in the beloved anime and manga series “Baki.” Within this richly imagined world, he emerges as the offspring of the legendary boxer, Mohammad Alai, adding a compelling layer to his personal journey. Alai Jr took part in the Chinese tournament as a member of the Japanese/American team, where he claimed to have mastered a martial art centered solely on punches.

Mohammad Alai Jr is depicted as a kind-hearted individual. He showed his compassionate side when he comforted Kozue Matsumoto during her moment of distress. However, he fell in love with her, though she viewed him more as a maternal figure than a potential romantic partner. Despite facing crushing defeats, Alai Jr’s strong determination enabled him to get back on his feet and continue the fight.

During battles, Alai Jr displays arrogance and seriousness, boasting about his perfect martial art. Nevertheless, he has a critical flaw; he is not prepared to face the possibility of death in combat, setting him apart from other fighters. His defeat at the hands of Jack Hanma, who showed him no mercy, exposed this vulnerability.

Mohammad Alai Jr is a tall, muscular African-American man with a handsome face. Despite his strength, he maintains a relatively slim physique. In matches, he can be seen wearing white boxer shorts, while he dresses casually in other situations. During a coffee meeting with Kozue Matsumoto, he dons formal attire.

Mohammad Alai Jr is the son of the legendary boxer Mohammad Alai, who resembles real-life boxing icon, Muhammad Ali. In his childhood, he demonstrated his boxing talent by engaging in playful sparring with Yuujirou Hanma, which ended with Yuujirou effortlessly sending him flying with a flick.

The enthralling chapters of the “Great Chinese Challenge Saga” witnessed Alai Jr’s astounding abilities, which left his father in an unprecedented catatonic state, forever altering the dynamics of their relationship. During this time, he comforted Kozue Matsumoto, giving her a toy as a gesture of support. He also showcased his skills by easily dominating a fighter named Dave in a sparring match.

He later participated in the Chinese Tournament with the Japanese/American team, where he displayed his exceptional fighting abilities. His journey continued in the “Godlike Clash of the Kids Saga,” during which he challenged Baki’s friends and faced defeats against formidable opponents like Jack Hanma, Gouki Shibukawa, and Doppo Orochi.

Mohammad Alai Jr possesses extraordinary reflexes and tremendous punching power. His footwork, likened to that of a dancer, allows him to close the distance with his opponents rapidly. He claims to have perfected a martial art that solely relies on punches, with a single well-placed hit capable of knocking out almost anyone he faces. However, he later discovers flaws in his boxing style, similar to those of his father, which hinder his performance in battles.

Among his techniques, Alai Jr frequently employs the “Sway Back” and “Jab” moves, showcasing his versatility in combat. Additionally, he incorporates “Earth Logic” in many of his fights, enhancing his punches with the power of the earth.

Despite his formidable skills, Alai Jr struggles against opponents who approach the fight as a serious life-or-death battle. This weakness led to his defeat against merciless fighters like Jack Hanma, Gouki Shibukawa, and Doppo Orochi. His journey culminated in a decisive defeat at the hands of Baki Hanma, leaving Alai Jr in tears and accepting the reality of his loss.

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