Biscuit Oliva

Biscuit Oliva, also known as Biscuit Oriba, is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Baki the Grappler.” He is an assassin employed by the US government and serves as a special jailer in the Arizona State Prison. Oliva possesses an incredibly strong and invulnerable iron body, making him nearly impervious to harm. In the English dub of the second season, his name was changed to Oliver.

Oliva, also referred to as “Mr. Unchained,” is recognized as the strongest man in America and enjoys unprecedented freedom within the Arizona State Prison, where he is considered part of the prison staff. In an intriguing arrangement, the government provides him with luxurious amenities, including extravagant meals, a spacious living quarter, and a vast library, in exchange for him residing in the prison, where many dangerous prisoners are held thanks to Oliva’s efforts. He is a highly-paid mercenary for the US government, specializing in apprehending and eliminating criminals or threats that surpass the capabilities of conventional law enforcement and military forces.

Despite his focus on physical strength, Oliva possesses above-average intelligence. He has expanded his cognitive abilities by studying various subjects and amassing a massive library in his living quarter. Oliva’s knowledge ranges from understanding the historical significance of nobles extending their pinkies while drinking tea to expertise in toxicology. While he possesses a good understanding of combat skills, Oliva falls short compared to Eastern martial arts masters like Kaiou Kaku or Doppo Orochi.

Similar to Yuujirou Hanma, Oliva is arrogant and looks down upon most of his opponents. Although well-versed in martial arts, he is not a prodigy, rendering him vulnerable to complex techniques and deceitful tactics. Both Oliva and Yuujirou share the profession of high-end mercenaries, but many governments find Oliva easier to work with than Yuujirou. Despite his arrogance, Oliva maintains amicable relations with law enforcement officials who treat him with respect, such as Morio Sonoda. He also respects martial arts masters who can challenge him. Beyond his reputation as a musclebound egotist, Oliva can be an affable companion to have a drink with. He even offers Japanese imported beer to Police Captain Morio Sonoda during his visits to his luxurious prison domain. Oliva’s default expression is a broad smile, particularly evident during fights, and it is rare for anyone to wipe it off his face. Additionally, Oliva deeply cares for his girlfriend Maria, visiting her and dressing up despite often facing her derision. He remains unfazed by Maria’s physical condition and gladly carries her.

Although generally carefree, Oliva is not devoid of negative emotions. He takes offense when his authority as the prison’s number one, which he considers his personal kingdom, is challenged. He is also sensitive about his status, infamy, and personal belongings. When Baki broke out of prison to demonstrate his own “unchained” nature, ridiculing Oliva’s shallow notion of freedom, Oliva’s rage was barely restrained, mainly to maintain his dignified appearance. However, he vented his anger by throwing his bike into a crash as soon as Baki departed. Subsequently, Oliva indulged in luxuries and visited Baki, who was confined, urinating on him while flaunting all the things he enjoys on a daily basis. Baki’s nonchalant reaction and criticism of Oliva’s pettiness pushed him to the edge.

Ironically, despite his self-proclaimed title of “Unchained,” Oliva is not as free as he perceives himself to be. Surrounded by power, prestige, and luxuries, his arrogance has made him obsessively attached and defensive about his privileges and.

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