Pickle, also known as Pikuru, is a fictional character within the Baki the Grappler franchise. He is portrayed as a primitive man who was discovered preserved within a saline rock formation, giving him the nickname “Pickle.” Originating from the Jurassic/Cretaceous era, Pickle is a towering humanoid with a unique set of characteristics.

In the manga, Pickle has never been shown speaking intelligibly. Despite lacking the ability to communicate verbally, he possesses a sense of honor and refuses to harm creatures that do not engage in combat with him. There is an instance where he tears off Katsumi Orochi’s arm during a fight but later returns it to him and even prays in front of him. After battles with opponents he deems worthy, Pickle is often seen crying as a sign of respect. He exhibits fear only towards wasps, considering them his sole source of unease. Although Pickle isn’t afraid of being stung, he experienced intense pain and burning after consuming a wasp, which led to his apprehension towards them even after their defeat. This fear is also evoked when facing opponents who resemble wasps in his perception, causing him to retreat or run away.

Pickle displays primitive behavior throughout the series. For instance, he forcefully assaults a female reporter who gets too close to him for an interview, showing no remorse or understanding of right and wrong. His motivation stems from the realization that he is the last of his kind and feels compelled to procreate to prevent his species’ extinction.

Regarding intelligence, Pickle’s cognitive abilities range from animalistic to slightly above average. As he hails from the Jurassic era, his instincts and early life experiences shape his actions, similar to an animal. However, when he is unfrozen and enters the modern era with its advanced technology, intelligence, and complex techniques, Pickle gradually adapts and learns to navigate the modern world. He even manages to acquire some basic martial arts skills like Aikido. Despite his initial appearance of primal cognition, Pickle’s imagination and understanding mirror those of an average human, often confusing other characters in the series.

In terms of physical appearance, Pickle does not resemble any known forms of primitive humans such as Neanderthals or Cro-Magnons, nor does he resemble modern humans. Despite predating humanity by millions of years, his proportions, size, bone structure, and posture are akin to that of a sahelanthropus. Standing over eight feet tall, Pickle possesses a level of muscular development comparable to Biscuit Oliva. He has dark, shoulder-length hair and a youthful face that gives him an innocent appearance at times. His exaggerated upper and lower canines contribute to a fanged appearance, while his nails resemble claws. Pickle’s neck vertebrae have become exceptionally thick from his quadrupedal walking in the past. He also possesses the ability to dislocate his jaw, allowing him to open his mouth to an enormous size. Pickle’s forearms, lower legs, and neck are all heavily developed, making it difficult for him to wear modern clothing. Notably, he is missing his left ear, which was bitten off by Jack Hanma, and has a vertical scar on his body from an encounter with Musashi Miyamoto.

Initially, Pickle appeared naked but after his fight with Kaiou Retsu, he begins wearing simple underwear. In the fourth manga series, he starts wearing green ragged shorts.

Pickle’s backstory reveals that he was born during the Cretaceous era, engaging in battles with T-Rexes and surviving the meteorite impact that caused the extinction of dinosaurs.

Pickle’s abilities set him apart as one of the most superhuman characters in the Baki the Grappler manga. His immense

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