In the captivating world of the Baki manga series, the enigmatic figure known as Spec (スペック, Supekku) emerges as a central antagonist, leaving an indelible mark on the intense Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga. He is an escaped American convict who managed to break free from a heavily fortified Florida state prison located deep underwater in a massive submarine. Spec’s strength lies in his ruthless reliance on raw physical power, making him an extremely dangerous opponent.

Spec exhibits a psychotic and malevolent sense of humor. He often appears cheerful and humorous while causing havoc and destruction. With a knack for playing unpleasant and comical pranks on those he encounters, he is known for presenting Baki Hanma with the severed hand of Junsa Kaneda and casually strolling in and out of the Metropolitan Police Board Station as if it were his own domain. Spec’s cruelty knows no bounds, as he brutally dismantles his victims’ limbs without remorse and revels in taunting others with his sadistic wit. Baki observes a similarity in Spec’s cruel demeanor to that of Yuujirou Hanma.

Although cunning and adept in combat, Spec tends to toy with his opponents when he gains the upper hand, a trait that ultimately leads to his downfall at the hands of Kaoru Hanayama.

Spec is an imposing figure, standing at an imposing height of 7’3″. Despite being 97 years old, he looks physically robust and is completely bald, covered in numerous tattoos across his body, including his hands, chest, thighs, shoulders, biceps, abdomen, and other areas.

Upon arriving in Tokyo, Spec wears a dark grey double-breasted ankle-length trench coat with a high collar and a black capelet, accompanied by black boots. Later on, he dons a black long-sleeved collarless t-shirt and matching pants, possibly a prison uniform provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan police, along with straw-colored slide slippers with a black strap.

Fighting Style:
Spec’s fighting style revolves around the use of brute force, but he is not above employing dirty tactics to gain an advantage over his adversaries. He lacks honor and respect, attacking opponents regardless of their injuries or circumstances. For instance, he confronted Baki while the latter was on a date with Kozue Matsumoto. Additionally, Spec pretended to give up during a fight with Hanayama, only to catch him off guard by revealing bullets from stolen firearms hidden in his mouth.

Despite his advanced age, Spec possesses phenomenal physical strength, as evident when he repeatedly struck the Statue of Liberty from the inside during a confrontation, causing significant damage to the iconic structure.

In conclusion, Spec is a menacing figure with a sadistic personality and immense physical prowess, making him a formidable foe in the world of “Baki.”



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