Jack Hanma

Jack Hanma, also known as Jack Xamma in the English dub of the Baki the Grappler series, is a fictional character who hails from Canada. He is the son of Yuujirou Hanma and Diane Neil, a Canadian United Nations operative whom Yuujirou met during the Vietnam War. Similar to his brother Baki Hanma, Jack has always aspired to surpass his father in terms of strength and martial prowess. However, his main motivation is seeking revenge for his mother, who was raped by Yuujirou.

Jack is an incredibly determined and stubborn individual, often pushing himself to the limits of his physical capabilities. He engages in intense training regimens and relies on the use of super steroids to enhance his strength, albeit at the cost of his stability and mental well-being. Despite facing setbacks such as having his face bitten off by Pickle and experiencing a severe coma, Jack remains unwavering in his pursuit of strength and revenge. He can sometimes come across as overly confident in his abilities and tends to rely on brute force rather than refined techniques.

One notable aspect of Jack’s fighting style is his animalistic behavior, akin to that of a wild animal. He even resorts to biting his opponents during fights, which adds to his fearsome reputation. Jack sees his brother, Baki, as a rival but also harbors deep care and fondness for him, as they share the common goal of surpassing their father. Following his defeat at the hands of Baki, Jack becomes more humble and friendly towards his half-brother. He also develops feelings for Kozue, Baki’s girlfriend, although his initial flirtatious behavior towards her may have been an attempt to provoke Baki.

While Jack’s intelligence is average, he possesses some combat genius, likely inherited from his Hanma lineage and his father, Yuujirou. However, after being defeated by Izou Motobe, Jack undergoes a transformation and realizes that his obsession with brute force will never lead him to the strength he desires. As a result, he creates his own fighting style called “Goudou,” centered around his signature move of biting. This change in mindset makes Jack more mature and composed, and he is noted to have learned from his defeats and grown for the better.

In terms of appearance, Jack’s intense training has left his muscles completely destroyed. To strengthen his body, he takes an experimental drug known as X-4, which causes his muscles to become even larger and stronger. However, prolonged drug use deteriorates his body and reduces his life expectancy. Jack undergoes surgery to make himself taller and stronger, and his physical features include blue eyes, short blonde hair, and a muscular physique. He closely resembles his father, Yuujirou, in terms of facial appearance, while his hair color comes from his mother.

In terms of his history, Jack’s mother, Diane Neil, was a secret agent tasked with eliminating Yuujirou Hanma during a military mission. However, Yuujirou discovered Diane’s intentions and sought revenge by raping her, leading to Jack’s birth. Unlike Baki, who aimed to earn his father’s love and respect, Jack grew up with the desire to surpass his father and avenge his mother. He subjected himself to extreme over-training, resulting in muscle deterioration and eventually turned to super steroids to augment his strength.

During the Maximum Tournament saga, Jack competes under the alias “Jack Hammer” to conceal his true identity. He engages in battles with various opponents, including Sergio Silva, Kengo Misaki, Alexander Gallen, Gouki Shibukawa, and finally, Baki. Jack’s fights are often brutal and intense, with his biting techniques playing a prominent role. Ultimately, he faces Baki in the final.

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