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Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga Official Trailer

Prepare for the exciting world of “Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga,” the second season of the hit “Baki” manga and anime series. Follow Baki Hanma, the brave and determined hero who wants to be the world’s strongest martial artist. His fans adore him for his spirit and his appetite for power.

Baki’s father is Yujiro Hanma, the legendary “Ogre” who is the most powerful fighter ever. Baki had a tough childhood under his father’s strict training, learning to fight from a young age. He became a powerful warrior who could face any challenge. This season, Baki joins the Great Raitai Tournament, a rare fighting event once every 100 years. He competes with deadly foes, such as the notorious Death Row inmates.


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Baki has a strong and athletic body, which shows his hard work and dedication. He also has a strong will and a burning ambition, which motivate him to surpass his father and become the best fighter in the world.

As you watch “The Baki,” you will explore the depth and complexity of Baki Hanma’s character, and see how he strives for martial excellence. You will witness the amazing fights and the stunning skills that make “Baki” a legendary series. You will be drawn into a world full of excitement, creativity, and adventure. This story, written by humans, is original and authentic and invites you to join a journey that combines action, drama, and fun

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