Baki Son Of Ogre Volume 02 Manga

Baki Son of Ogre Volume 02 is the second volume of the third series of the Baki manga, written and illustrated by Keisuke Itagaki. The volume covers the Great Prison Battle Saga, where Baki intentionally commits a crime to get into a maximum security prison and challenge the strongest inmate, Biscuit Oliva. The volume also introduces the character of Guevara, a former Cuban revolutionary who becomes Baki’s ally in prison.

The volume contains the following chapters:

  • Chapter 15: Devil Smile
  • Chapter 16: The Battle Begins
  • Chapter 17: Different Species’ Bare-Handed Fight
  • Chapter 18: What Was After
  • Chapter 19: Human and Insect
  • Chapter 20: Fighting Style
  • Chapter 21: The Chance
  • Chapter 22: From the Same Kind to Predators
  • Chapter 23: 2
  • Chapter 24: The Rules
  • Chapter 25: The Young Lion
  • Chapter 26: Next Generation
  • Chapter 27: Fighting
  • Chapter 28: Bare Hands
  • Chapter 29: War
  • Chapter 30: Teamwork

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